Get S.E.T. to empower girls with our new online training!

Self-esteem is an incredibly important factor in unlocking a girl’s potential.

Get S.E.T. (Self Esteem Techniques) Girls is a course for girls and young women, which aims to enable them to explore the importance of self-esteem and the factors at play which can affect their resilience.  The course sparks conversations around boundaries, negative self-talk, healthy self-care and other vitally important life skills.

The Get SET programme provides training and materials to facilitate school-based or youth group education on boundaries, self-esteem, values and strengths. The programme has been mapped to three SQA units; SCQF level 3 in Self Awareness, SCQF level 4 in Exploring Wellbeing and SCQF level 5 in Leadership.

With over 8 years expertise in self-awareness, self-esteem and empowerment work, we have trained many teachers and youth workers to deliver the Get SET programme to the young women they guide and teach. To date our Get SET programme has been used to support and empower over 900 girls across the Greater Glasgow area!

Our vision is for the GET S.E.T. Girls programme to be available in every local authority in Scotland. So we are now proud to be able to offer our unique training online our fun, friendly and interactive training platform where you will gain all the skills and resources you need to deliver Get S.E.T. Girls to young people in your own professional setting.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals working with girls and young women aged 13+ in the settings of education, youth services, health and social care.
  • Those looking to enhance the self-esteem, self-awareness and wellbeing of the young women they guide and teach
  • Those looking for early intervention strategies to support young women to address issues they face with self-esteem, self-acceptance and wellbeing
  • Those looking to support girls and young women to achieve valuable SQA qualifications

What are the course outcomes?

  • Participants will demonstrate in depth understanding of self esteem, self awareness, empowerment and the pressures faced by young women and girls in today’s communities.
  • Participants will leave with the knowledge and tools to deliver empowering Get SET Girls sessions to groups of young women, and the confidence to guide girls through their Get SET workbooks across a series of workshops.
  • Participants will be equipped to support girls to develop empowerment plans to enhance their wellbeing and self-esteem.

"I've really enjoyed Get S.E.T. The self-confidence parts have really made me feel happier with myself, and I'm now grateful for having coping methods for when I don't feel so happy!"

Since its ideation and development by MsMissMrs, the Get S.E.T. Girls programme has been delivered in a number of local authority areas with all promotion undertaken using word of mouth.