We are delighted that the GET S.E.T. Girls programme and workbook has now been mapped to SQA qualifications at SCQF levels 3,4 and 5.

  • Level 3- Self Awareness
  • Level 4- Exploring Wellbeing
  • Level 5- Leadership

Below you will find guidance information for centres looking to enrol young people taking part in your Get S.E.T. programme for these SQA units.


The Get S.E.T. programme is aimed at girls and young women, to develop self-awareness and self-esteem techniques as a pathway to empowerment. The programme is structured over 10 weeks with each session lasting up to 1 hour. Learners complete a wide range of activities during and after each session e.g. posters; manifesto; self-talk wall; role plays and a reflective journal. Learners will complete the Get S.E.T. workbook which has been mapped to SQA qualifications at SCQF level 3, 4,5.


The Get S.E.T. programme has been mapped to two units at SCQF Level 3: Self Awareness ( F2FV 09 ) and Exploring Wellbeing (H18L 43). There is a mapping grid to show how evidence can be gathered by programme leaders/assessors. Once a designated assessor is identified, MsMissMrs will email the appropriate paperwork.

Attainment @ SCQF Level 3,4 and 5

The centre may choose to enter learners for one or both units to achieve an SQA qualification at SCQF level 3 in Self-Awareness (F2FV 09) and/or Exploring Wellbeing (H18L 43). Learning who have been empowered to use the Get S.E.T. programme to help others within your setting will be eligible to be registered for the level 5 in Leadership.

Evidence Retention

Learners must complete the Get S.E.T. programme and the centre must retain evidence of the workbook tasks. Learners must complete the SQA NAB ( National Assessment Bank) unit in Self Awareness and the SQA ASP ( Assessment Support Pack) for Exploring Wellbeing.

SQA assessment materials for both units have been contextualised to show a worked example that embeds the learning gained throughout the Get S.E.T programme. Programme leaders/assessors should refer to the contextualised worked example when gathering evidence of candidate performance for one or both units.

SQA Qualification Verification (QV) Activity

SQA will expect centres to retain candidate evidence for external qualification verification. The presenting centre ( the centre who enrols candidates for the SQA units) is responsible for retaining candidate evidence and for presenting this to SQA when a request is made).  Evidence checklists have been produced for both units to assist centres to retain all the required evidence.

Most importantly, the mapping of the Get S.E.T. programme to SQA units will enable learners to gain a Certificate from Get S.E.T. for their achievements and a National qualification from the SQA Awarding Body.