Lesson length

30 min


To explore, evaluate and reassess their boundaries

My checklist

  • Get S.E.T booklet pages 38-45
  • Colouring pens or pencils


Begin the session with a general check-in, have the girls been engaging in positive self-talk? Do they have an increased awareness of their current self-esteem?

Remind the girls that all issues and activities explored are a continuous process that they will revisit throughout their lives.

Task 1: Types of boundaries (10 minutes)

[Pages 38–39] Begin the discussion by asking the girls to write down everything they associate with the word ‘boundaries.’

Read Holly’s story and reflect on the importance
of setting boundaries with others.

Discuss the different types of boundaries on page 39 and ask them to reflect on if they are better at setting some boundaries than others.

Whilst completing the first task, you may find that the girls tend to think about physical boundaries. At this stage, highlight the boundaries listed on page 39.

Social media offers an interesting discussion around limiting screen time, identifying apps that have a negative impact on them or being able to set a boundary by ‘unfollowing’ people who make them feel negatively about themselves. This could be a famous person who regularly posts airbrushed images of themselves and sells an ‘ideal body type’ that is unrealistic for anyone to achieve.

Highlight that the girls are in control of what they are exposed to online to a degree. They may choose to limit their ‘consumption.’

Task 2: Boundary Setting (10 mins)

[Pages 40–45] Discuss the task on each page. Set time aside to discuss the action plan on page 45.

Session 8 worksheet can be used

Some girls may be able to identify boundaries that they would like to set, however, have difficulty in being able to create a plan for this.

Allow the girls to help each other complete their plan through sharing practical ideas.

Plenary (5 minutes)

Bring the session to an end by asking the girls if there have been any boundaries set during the sessions.

This discussion will allow the group to realise that creating their manifesto was an active way to engage in boundary setting.

Example of discussions

Below you will find examples of issues that may impact the girls’ ability to set boundaries.

Find the page in your Tips & Bits booklet.

Top Tip

Exploring boundaries is extremely important. To broaden the girls’ understanding of types of boundaries, you could challenge them to create a ‘types of boundaries’ poster or information leaflet that can be used to raise awareness of boundary setting around their school.

When completing this task, the girls may find that they need to set boundaries with themselves. Build on prior discussions by thinking about limiting negative self-talk and highlight that this is an example of boundary setting.

Many girls may also have concerns over the impact setting boundaries may have on how others will view them. Link this back to the importance of their needs and having their core values met.


During this task, the girls could create a circle for each type of boundary and write everything they are ok with inside the circle and everything they are not ok with outside of the circle. The line then acts as a ‘physical’ boundary for them to reflect on.

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