Body image

Task 2: Body image (10 minutes)

[Pages 22–24] Read Lisa’s story. Ask the group to think about how a positive or negative body image can have real life impacts on people.

Throughout this discussion, highlight how important building a positive body image can be in empowering women to make positive choices.

Session 5 Worksheet can be used.

As this is a very personal section of the booklet, some girls may feel more comfortable sharing what impact a negative body image ‘could have’ as if describing someone else rather than themselves.

The girls could be asked to write the thoughts, feelings, and actions in the worksheet with a woman’s body and then
be given the different scenarios to imagine how each may act in that scenario.

Plenary (5 minutes)

Ask the girls to pick some of the positive things their bodies can do and challenge the girls to actively praise themselves for these between now and the next session.

Example activities

Below you will find an example of discussion points for both self-esteem and body image.

Find the pages in your Tips & Bits booklet.

Top Tip

Remind the girls that building a healthy relationship with themselves is the most important step to take towards building healthy relationships with others!

If completing the scenario task, the girls could be asked to bring in a picture of themselves and put this in the centre of their worksheet, one with the positive thoughts, feelings, and actions and one with the negative. Highlight that in both scenarios the girls are the same, however, their internal dialogue will impact their external interactions.

Scenarios for the Picture/words task

  1. Walking into a social situation with a new outfit on and someone turns around and
    looks at you.
  2. Hearing about an opportunity in school that you would be interested in.
  3. Receiving a message from someone you really like.

  1. Being moved seats to work with a new group of people for a task.

  2. Taking part in a FaceTime call with a group of friends.

  3. Taking part in a school presentation which involves speaking in front of the class.

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