Needs are not needy

Lesson length

30 min


To increase their self-awareness and think about who they are

My checklist

  • Get S.E.T booklet pages 7–14
  • Pens


Pupils should recap their key terms from the previous session by discussing anything they noticed about the term they chose to focus on for the week.

Examples of discussion points could be –

Did they have any moments of positive or negative self-talk?

Did they do anything to look after themselves such as get a good night’s sleep, read a book, paint their nails etc?

Task 1: Me, Me, Me (10 minutes)

[Pages 7–11] Discuss the tasks on each page. Give some examples of ratings you would give yourself for the task on page 8 to give the girls the confidence to be able to complete this task.

Ask the girls to share suggestions for the A-Z list of strengths.

The task on page 8 is a great task for the girls to be encouraged to complete several times. Especially at a time when their mood is low and a time when their mood is high.

Interestingly, some girls will find that they give themselves much harsher ratings for words they believe to me ‘negative’ about themselves when they are in a worse head space.

Task 2: Needs are not needy

[Pages 12–14] Begin a group discussion by saying ‘what do you need?’

Allow the girls to share their answers and then ask, ‘what do you need in difficult times?’

Generate a discussion about the difference between what we need every day, some days and in particular circumstances.

The main message should be that – needs are not needy! They will have different needs from each other.

During this task allow the girls to think about and discuss the importance the importance of knowing their needs and having them met.

Try to use an example to allow the pupils to think about the importance of needs –

‘I need at least 7 hours of sleep as sleep deprivation has a very negative impact on how I feel, act and react. Although my friends don’t need the same amount of sleep, if in a situation where my sleep is jeopardised, I will explain to people who are around me that I cannot; complete this work, stay up to do an activity or meet someone at a certain time. Although this may not be what the other person wants, this is what I need!’

Plenary (5 minutes)

The girls should pick one need to focus on between now and their next session and think about how they will make sure it will be met.

Reaffirm that not only should they be aware of their needs, they should act on them.

Example strengths and needs

Below you will find examples for each of the pages to be completed by the girls.

Find the pages in your Tips & Bits booklet.

Top Tip

Encourage the girls to think about categorising their needs in terms of ‘physical’, ‘emotional’ and ‘mental.’

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