Lesson length

30 min


To be aware of the voice in their head – she can be positive

My checklist

  • Get S.E.T booklet pages 25–28
  • Colouring Pens or Pencils



Linking back to the previous session, ask the girls to share their experiences of when trying to actively be positive about their bodies.


This can create an interesting discussion as they may have noticed how negative they are towards themselves.

This leads perfectly into this session’s discussion.

Task 1: My wall of positive self-talk (20 minutes)

[Pages 25 – 28] Pupils should be talked through the activities in preparation for completing the tasks themselves.

For this session, the main activity will be encouraging the girls to complete their own wall of positive self-talk.

For this task, you may wish to allow the girls to complete some ‘bricks’ which can be designed however the girls wish with a positive statement in them. This could then be used to build a wall display.

Session 6 worksheet can be used

During this discussion, ask the girls to think about anything their voice inside their head has said to them since they woke up. Has this dialogue been positive?

The main aim is for the girls to think about how much power they give to the voice in their own head. To empower the girls, they should realise that they are not trapped by their own criticism, and that instead they can take the power to change the narrative.

Again, link this back to self-esteem and make the connection that this is a tool which can be used to improve self-esteem in the girls.

Plenary (5 minutes)

For the next session, challenge the girls to become more self-aware by taking a note of their self-talk to discuss at the next session.

You may wish to encourage the girls to write this as a journal. They could pick a few hours, a day, or a few days to actively decide to be alert to the self-talk dialogue that they have!

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