Task 2: Stress (10 minutes)

[Page 17–18] Read Laura’s story and discuss any of her needs that have not been met.

Whilst discussing the impact stress have on the group, highlight the different reactions individuals have.

During this task it is helpful to share some of your own reactions to stress.

Link this task back to values, as often the issues that cause us stress are linked to values not being met.

Key point – stress is a natural reaction to events in life; however, supportive actions can help to minimise the negative impact stress can have.

Plenary (5 minutes)

Encourage the girls to think of one supportive action they will use when they feel stress between now and the next session.

Example values & stress impacts

Below you will find an example of words that can be used to prompt the girls on values they may have and several impacts stress can have.

Find the pages in your Tips & Bits booklet.

Top Tip

When thinking about values, encourage the girls to think about any values that may differ between themselves and their friends. For example – ‘I do not value being on time, however, my friend does. Every time I was late, she would get annoyed which I could not understand. Finally, I realised this was one of her core values and I managed to respect her value by ensuring I am always on time for her.’


Highlight some of the values that the girls may not have thought of – money, stability, beauty.

Highlight that it is important to be aware of the wide range of values they have, this means they will be able to honour this value
as they have identified it.


Encourage the girls to share as many supportive tools as they can.

Explain that all strategies will take time to build and that the activities that are completed in this programme will provide them with tools for their short and long-term future.

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