Lesson length

30 min


To explore key values and how to minimise negative impacts of stress

My checklist

  • Get S.E.T booklet pages 15-18
  • Pens

Starter (5 minutes)

Pupils should share the need they chose to focus on since the last session and share any actions they have taken to ensure this need was met.

If they do not feel their need was met, what action could be taken in the future?

Task 1: Values (10 minutes)

[Page 15–16] Read Anna’s story. Begin a discussion about whether the girls can relate to this story in any way.

Link this task back to needs as our needs are also linked to our values.

Pupils should be encouraged to celebrate the values that make them unique!

A key part of this task is highlighting that we all have different values. Some values will be very important to them and less so to others. For this reason, it is vital that the girls are able to identify their values and communicate these to others.

Providing an example of this can be very useful –
e.g. In general people agree they value ‘trust.’ However, some people tell white lies. If a person holds a key value of honesty then these white lies would be an issue for them, however, not everyone would have the same reaction. This is an example of people’s values differing.

From this example, it can be highlighted that being able to vocalise our values can help to build better relationships with those in our lives.

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